a game about human relationships

About the Project

Welcome to Florels, an enchanting iOS game that explores the intricate tapestry of human relationships. As a freelance graphic designer, I had the pleasure of creating a captivating brand identity for Florels, complete with a logo that symbolizes the beauty and depth of these connections. 

Florels, the brainchild of visionary creators, aimed to showcase the profound depth and beauty of genuine connections. My mission was to create a brand identity that resonates deeply with players, drawing them into a world of emotions and heartfelt narratives. I wanted to craft a brand that celebrates the power and significance of authentic relationships.

When envisioning the Florels logo, the creators had a special request – to incorporate a radiant white daisy. Inspired by their vision, the logo took shape, featuring a graceful hand reaching through the letter ‘o’, delicately cradling a pristine white daisy. This addition of the daisy brings an element of purity and innocence, symbolizing the beauty and simplicity found within heartfelt connections. The daisy serves as a gentle reminder of the delicate nature of relationships, adding a touch of serenity to the overall design. It is also a nod to the game’s name, a play on ‘florals’. 

To deepen the immersive experience of Florels, a myriad of captivating visual elements were thoughtfully curated, stirring emotions and sparking curiosity. Through a blend of mesmerizing vector illustrations and creative graphic designs, a visual language emerged,  inviting players to explore the wholesome game of Florels.. Social media posts, game icons and print designs were created to provide enticing glimpses into the game’s captivating narratives.

florels mockup by chromos creative
florels mockup by chromos creative
florels mockup by chromos creative
florels mockup by chromos creative
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