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About the Project

Welcome to the enchanting world of Hypnos, a remarkable hotel nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Santorini, Greece. With its panoramic views of mesmerizing sunsets, crystal-clear waters, and the iconic Skaros Rock, Hypnos is a sanctuary that embodies the essence of tranquility. As a freelance graphic designer, I had the honor of creating a captivating brand identity for Hypnos, complete with a nods to their beautiful location and classic blue Greek colors. 

This brand design aims to capture the hotel’s essence in a way that would resonate with guests. The goal was to develop a brand identity that not only reflected the serene charm of Santorini but also exuded a sense of warmth and hospitality. The result is a visual identity that invites visitors to experience the magic of Hypnos firsthand.

At the core of Hypnos’ brand identity lies a captivating logo that transports you to the serene beauty of Santorini. Designed with a lowercase display font in classic blue Greek colors, the word “Hypnos” gracefully flows, evoking a sense of calm and elegance. Above the wordmark, an iconic symbol takes shape—an uppercase “H” serving as a canvas for a radiant sun setting in the top half and the tranquil ocean in the bottom half. This logo encapsulates the breathtaking sunsets and the peaceful waters that greet guests at Hypnos, setting the tone for an unforgettable stay.

To complement the brand identity and enhance the guest experience, I created a range of engaging visual elements. Leveraging vector illustration and graphic design, I crafted a cohesive visual language inspired by the captivating colors of Santorini’s landscapes. From brochure designs that invite exploration to social media graphics that evoke wanderlust, each element showcases the hotel’s unparalleled beauty and encourages guests to immerse themselves in the tranquility of their surroundings.

The Hypnos project allowed me to combine my passion for graphic design with the magic of Santorini, creating a brand identity that celebrates the harmony of serenity and beauty. Through branding, logo design, and the integration of engaging visual elements, I brought the essence of Hypnos to life, inviting guests to indulge in the captivating experience that awaits. It is my joy as a creative graphic designer to transport individuals to new realms through my work, and Hypnos epitomizes the harmonious blend of creative artistry and the allure of Santorini.


Hypnos mockup Chromos Creative
Hypnos mockup Chromos Creative
Hypnos mockup Chromos Creative
Hypnos mockup Chromos Creative
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