Neon Lemon
Rooftop Cocktail Bar

About the Project

Neon Lemon is a vibrant and energetic rooftop cocktail bar that brings a fresh twist to the nightlife scene. As their graphic designer, I had the opportunity to develop the brand identity for Neon Lemon, capturing its essence through striking visuals and captivating design elements. 

For Neon Lemon, I embarked on a journey of brand development, focusing on creating a unique and memorable identity. Through careful consideration of the target audience and the brand’s personality, I crafted a visual representation that embodies the bar’s essence. The process involved extensive research, brainstorming, and iterative design to ensure the final result aligns perfectly with the brand’s objectives.

Throughout the brand development process, I focused on creating cohesive visual elements that extend beyond the logo to reinforce Neon Lemon’s brand identity. By incorporating vector illustrations, I ensured a modern and versatile aesthetic that can be seamlessly integrated across various mediums. From social media designs to print materials like brochures, every graphic element was meticulously crafted to maintain consistency and leave a lasting impression on the target audience.

Neon Lemon Logo by Chromos Creative 1
Neon Lemon Logo by Chromos Creative 2
Neon Lemon Logo by Chromos Creative 3
Neon Lemon Logo by Chromos Creative 4
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