The Haws
Comfort Clothing Brand

About the Project

Allow me to introduce you to The Haws, a comfort clothing brand that wraps you in cozy warmth and effortless style. I was excited to create custom branding for The Haws which reflects their commitment to comfort. 

From the very beginning, The Haws sought to create a brand that embodies softness, warmth, and comfort. Their goal was to design clothing that feels like a gentle embrace, offering solace and tranquility in every piece. I embarked on a journey of brand development to capture the essence of The Haws and bring it to life in a visually captivating way.

The logo prominently features the letter ‘h’, creatively designed to form a unique symbol that becomes synonymous with The Haws. This clever combination not only adds a touch of elegance and sophistication but also offers a visual element that can be prominently displayed on their clothing, acting as a mark of quality and comfort.

To align with the brand’s essence, a soft and soothing color palette was carefully chosen. Light brown hues create a sense of warmth and earthiness, evoking feelings of coziness and serenity. The delicate combination of these colors ensures that The Haws brand exudes a comforting aura, inviting customers to experience the joy of comfort clothing.

As a freelance graphic designer, I focused not only on the logo but also on various elements of branding to create a comprehensive and engaging brand experience. From designing eye-catching visuals for social media to crafting cohesive print materials, every element was thoughtfully considered to showcase The Haws’ commitment to comfort, style, and quality. The result is a harmonious blend of graphic design art and creative branding that captures the essence of The Haws.

The Haws project allowed me to combine my passion for graphic design with the art of creating a comfortable and inviting brand. Through strategic branding, the creation of a unique logo, and the use of soft earthy tones, The Haws brand comes to life, enveloping customers in a world of comfort and style.

The Haws mockup
The Haws mockup
The Haws mockup
The Haws mockup
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